We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about Hammond Home Team.

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“We worked with Denise Hammond to sell our family home from my dad’s estate after he passed away.  The house needed a complete rehab, we had multiple cash offers but Hammond Home Investors was the best offer.  Also, I disclosed an issue and gave a $7,500 discount off her offer as my dad had been told the sewer line needed repaired/replaced.

Denise had it inspected before the closing and found that my Dad may have been mislead by a sewer repair company and that the line was actually in good shape.  Denise volunteered that information to us and added back the $7,500  to her purchase price.  She didn’t have to do that as we would have never known.  It actually made my wife cry to deal with someone with honesty and integrity after such a difficult time with many others while settling the estate.  They also invited us back to see the house when the rehab was done and it was beautiful, it meant a lot to us to be come back and see the home looking so good again.”  M. Smith, Lakewood CO

“Betty  was an elderly homeowner who had lived in her home since it was built in 1968.  Her husband had recently passed away and her home had unfortunately fallen into disrepair with a sewer line break in the basement and a rodent infestation.  The house really couldn’t be listed on the MLS due to the condition.  Denise and Eric worked to make a fair cash offer and it was a very smooth transaction.  Betty was able to move to assisted living with the proceeds… and all the grandchildren lived coming back to see the house after the rehab.” L. Schmidt, Realtor, Littleton CO

“It was December 2014 and we were facing foreclosure.  Our house was under contract to sell before the foreclosure sale date but at the last minute the buyers cancelled as their loan wouldn’t go through due to repairs the house needed.  We had to find a buyer who could close fast.  The Hammonds made a good offer, paid cash and did not require any repairs to be made.  They even offered to let us stay in the house an extra week for free after the closing so our daughters could have Christmas in their home.  I really recommend working with Denise and Eric, they are great to work with, very friendly and fast when you need them to be.” James and Alicia B., Littleton